PolJoy: Dual-Phase Yuzu Infused Glycerin with Sea buckhorn Oil and Tomato  Lycopene

PolJoy: Dual-Phase Yuzu Infused Glycerin with Sea buckhorn Oil and Tomato Lycopene

Have you been looking for a product that replenishes and retains moisture in your skin? If that’s the case, you can stop looking – here’s a natural and effective solution.
Glycerin: A Quick Glance
A Swedish Chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered glycerin in 1779 by washing out glycerol from a mix
of heated olive oil and lead oxide. Today, you can extract glycerin from vegetables by heating vegetable
fats that are rich in triglyceride such as coconut oils and palm soy.
People use glycerin for various purposes such as:
 Hyperosmotic laxative for constipation
 Thickening agent
 Moisturizing ingredient
 Sweetening agent
 Preservative
 Used in numerous pharmaceuticals

Typically, you can buy various vegetable-based as well as synthetic glycerin products. However, PolJoy is a unique dual-phase Yuzu-infused glycerin with sea buckhorn oil and tomato Lycopene. It has a lipid phase and infused water-loving phase, i.e., organic vegetable glycerin.
Both these phases do not mix until you shake it well and combine the 2 different molecules without any emulsifiers. Continue to read as we explore the yuzu-infused glycerin in further detail.
What makes it Different?
PolJoy is innovative yuzu-infused glycerin and is a dual-phase product that provides your skin with the most potent moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. There is no added water.
The best part is that no matter your skin type, from dry to dull and flaky, PolJoy is suitable for all. If you are suffering from skin conditions such as dermatitis, PolJoy can soothe your skin to alleviate inflammation and irritation. PolJoy competes with just about any organic glycerin out there.
Does it have a Scent?
Yes, it has a fresh citrusy scent because it uses organic yuzu-infused glycerin. This is a 100% natural product with no added artificial fragrances.
Benefits of Yuzu-Infused Glycerin with Sea buckhorn Oil and Tomato Lycopene
First of all, no matter what skin type, this dual-phase yuzu-infused glycerin will provide nourishment to your skin. That said, here are some of the most common benefits of PolJoy.
 It offers deep hydration for all skin types.
 It works as a perfect moisturizing treatment for all skin types
 It leaves your skill feeling noticeably softer and smoother
 Ideal to use for daily skin hydration and protection
 PolJoy absorbs into your skin quickly to provide instant nourishment
Think of this product as a decadent treatment for your body. It will help you enjoy radiant and toned skin. Remember, this is an organic product without any fillers, stabilizers, or preservatives.
Recommended Frequency of Use
The product is completely safe, and there is no frequency that you need to follow each day. You can use this yuzu-infused dual-phase glycerin as often as you need.
Instructions on Use
PolJoy is suitable to use on your face and neck. Here are the instructions on how to apply this product.
 You must shake the bottle vigorously to mix active ingredients. Make sure that both ingredients
in the bottle are mixed properly.
 Clean your skin with your usual cleanser and leave your skin moist
 Now dispense one to two drops of our dual-phase infusion glycerin and massage it into your skin
However, you can use this product anywhere on your body to moisturize any dull and dry skin.

 Cold-pressed sea buckthorn oil from Pacific NW
 Organic Tomato Lycopene
 Organic Yuzu infused glycerin.
Product Disclaimer
This is a 100% USDA-certified product and is available in a packaging of 1 OZ/30ML glass bottle with a dropper.
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