About us

It is not customary to talk about sensitive issues in society. The PolJoy brand undertook to create products designed to solve problems familiar to everyone: dryness, itchiness, rednes, dermatitis-prone and toxin-contaminated skin, hangovers, the primary symptoms of hemorrhoids, irritation of the anus skin after anal sex, etc.

Our mission is to provide simple and affordable solutions to complex problems for everyone. 

PolJoy products are formulas based on the most advanced organic ingredients developed by experienced chemists in the USA. PolJoy formulas are innovations based on a combination of organic ingredients: calendula, chamomile, panthenol, cold-pressed oils, activated charcoal, glycerin, etc. PolJoy products have no side effects or contraindications other than individual intolerance to any of the ingredients.

Every PolJoy product goes through focus groups, with special attention paid to a sample of respondents. Due to the diversity of races, ethnic groups and liberal views, we are able to test PolJoy products in the US on a wide variety of respondents and get extensive reaction results. 

In doing so, we take great care to ensure that our products are not tested on animals at any stage of our production. We speak out against cruelty and aggression. 

We created the PolJoy brand with great attention to the organic composition and also to packaging. Each of our products is presented in —----. The small packaging is always handy to have on hand and can be carried in your pocket or even in your purse. Each packaging contains exactly 1-2 servings, and the individual packaging allows you to save sterility when using. 

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